R-DWC Setup Guide

All Urban Systems come Flexi-Tank and Chiller ready with Pre-drilled holes and connections.

Follow these step by step Instructions to complete the installation of your
Urban R-DWC System

Tools Needed:

Scissors/Stanley Knife
Tape Measure
Kettle for boiling water
Electrical Screwdriver 

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View the Instructional Diagram via the link below to assist you through the instructional process:

CLICK HERE for Urban's RDWC Instructional Diagram

1.Firstly to set up the Head Pot you will need to seek and install the Red Translucent Water Level attached to the Red M20 Sealing Glands. To do this fit and align the two glands with the two pre-punched holes running up from bottom to top at the rear side of the Pot. Make sure there is a M20 Washer present between the Pot and Gland and also a Washer between the Pot and Nut on the inside of the Pot. Tighten up the Glands to ensure a watertight connection.

2.Next for the Head Pot set up seek the Red Sealing Plugs, these are round but have a hexagon (six sided) shaped bit at the back with a cross like gap going through the middle. Once located place all 3 in the 3 holes at the top rear side of the Head Pot with a washer either side like in step 1. Again, tighten. 

Included in the kit are Chiller and Flexi- Tank Connections, if you are adding on a Chiller then you can replace the two outer Sealing Plugs with the Chiller Connections and if you are adding on a flexi tank then replace the middle Sealing Plug with a Float Valve which is also included in the kit. Plug in and Play.

3.Seek out the 6mm and 4mm Rubber Grommets. In the Head Pot there is a 6mm Hole and a 4mm Hole, please fit appropriate Grommets to each hole. On every other Pot you will find a hole at the side just about big enough for the 6mm Grommets to be placed, like so with the Head Pot.

4.The Water Pump has been prepared to be of operation inside the Head Pot, submersed in the nutrient rich solution (water). Attached to 
the Water Pump is a Black Pipe and attached to the Black Pipe is a 19-13mm Reducing Barb. A Black M32 Sealing Gland should be attached to this Pipe as to give you an idea of how the Pump should operate. Take the Black Nylon Gland and apply (see step 6) to the pre-punched hole underneath the Logo. After you have the Sealing Gland in position, thread the red pipe through the Gland to the point where the length of the 19-13mm Reducing Barb is lined up with the Sealing Gland. Tighten the Sealing Gland to ensure no water leak

5.With the Water Pump inside the Head Pot you will need to unscrew the plug of the Pump and disconnect the wires temporarily in order to feed the wire through the 4mm Rubber Grommet you installed in step 4. Once fed through you can re-wire the plug correctly (blue left and red right) and place and screw everything back into place. 

**Warning** Do Not submerge hands in water with electrical equipment live as a precautionary measure!
6.Next insert the Sealing Water Glands into the Pots by using M32 rubber washers on the inside and outside of the Pot and tighten up the Lock Nut.
7.Next set up the pots roughly in position as the diagram provided. Refer to diagrams on back of this leaflet for the 2, 3 and 4 pot lane set up diagrams.

8.1 Inch Black Tubing comes pre-cut and pre-fitted with the appropriate connections. The appropriate parts are labelled A,B,C,D,E,F and G as shown in the diagram. Use the diagram to distinguish which parts are to meet up with which Sealing Glands. Slide the connections in and tighten each Gland up.
9.Run the 13mm return pipe from the 19-13mm Reducing Barb attached to the water pump (see step 4) through the middle of the system like so on the diagram and attach onto the Reducing Tee on the bottom of the system.

10.Place the Air Pump in the required location, preferably outside of the grow room allowing cooler air to be pumped directly to the plants root. The Air Pump should be on 24 hours a day. Raise the air pump to the height of the Pots if possible as this will prevent the possibility of water siphoning through the 8mm Red Airline and down into the Pump, in the event of a power cut or the Pump being switched off.

11.Run a length of 8mm Red Air Line Pipe between the pots. Connect one end to the Air Pump and then fit the Blanking Cap to other end, then cut the pipe and fit the inline connectors parallel to the 6mm Rubber Grommets  (a Double Manifold for
every 2 pots and a Single Manifold for every 1 pot).  The Master Control Pot uses a Single Inline Manifold. To confirm a tight and accurate fit; be sure to heat the ends of the pipe up by soaking them in boiling water before attempting to insert the Air Manifolds.
12.Cut the 4mm Red Airline at 60cm lengths for 20Ltr Pot Systems and 90cm for the XL Systems  (one for each Pot) and attach a Blue 50mm Air Stone to the 
end of each cutting by gently pushing the Airline Pipe over black plastic nipple on the Air Stone. Then feed the 4mm airline through the 6mm Rubber Grommet at the side of the bucket leaving the Air Stone inside the Pot , then  connect the opposite end to the Air Manifolds you fitted you fitted in step 11.

13.Fill the Master Control Pot with a water nutrient solution, just above glands and check for leaks. Once satisfied continue to fill system to desired level.
14.Place Lids onto the Pots and place the Net Pots in holes
After plugging in the Water Pump and Air Pump you are all set to grow! The system will recirculate highly oxygenated water-nutrient solution. Refill the Master Control Pot (reservoir) as needed, or attach flex-tank with connections provided.