Bubble Pot

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Ideal Grow Space: 0.5m x 0.5m

Air Pump: Hailea ACO 2202
50mm Air Stone
2m Airline
Clay Pebbles


What Is The Urban Bubble Pot System?

The Bubble Pot system is one of the simplest systems in hydroponics. The system consists of oxy pots, each tooled with a water level and a multi-channel air pump and air stones.

With each pot sitting separate, this gives the user the ability to control the environment of each separate plant, which is a superb method of growing plants of different species at one time with each requiring their own nutrient, Ph an EC conditions. The separate Pot environment ensures that sickness from a plant is contained and refrained from spreading to the other plants, making conditions easier to manage if such conditions were to arise.

How it works

The plant sits in a net pot supported with clay pebbles, leaving the roots to sit happily in the highly aerated, nutrient rich solution, hosting the ultimate growing environment.

The water is kept aerated via air pump and air stone, which in turn keeps oxygen levels surrounding the root high as to ensure maximum nutrient uptake, leading to explosive growth!

Checking the water has been made a lot more user friendly with the addition of a water level.

Benefits of The Bubble Pot System

  • Monstrous Yield Potential

With Maximum efficiency in mind, this leads to monumental growth rates which produces larger plants and greatly reduces vegetative times, which means higher productivity with fewer plants.

  • Contain and Refrain Diseases Spreading to Other Plants

Providing each Bubble Pot is sitting separate, you can ensure the ability to keep sickness from spreading to any other plants, keeping the infection contained.

  • Grow Different Types of Plants at Same Time

Different plants may need different Ph, EC and nutrient environments to survive and flourish to their full potential, making this kit perfect for anyone wishing to grow a number of different plants.

  • Design the Layout Yourself

With separate pots you can move and adjust your grow structure as you please.

  • Ease of Assembly and Use

The setup of the system is simplified and made as user friendly as possible as pots come with pre punched holes and quick, easy instructions to ensure the correct set-up. As soon as all steps are taken and the system set, all is left to do is fill up the system, make appropriate changes to the water and happy growing!

  • Easily Adaptable

Our systems are designed especially to incorporate any Urban add-ons which you may see fit to add to your system. Weather that being additional pots and piping to the flexi-tank and chillers.

Designs available

Our Bubble Pot System comes in two sizes; the 20L pots and the Large 30L pots, both of which come with pre punched holes; some designed in order to put the kit together and also some extra pre punched holes, (complete with sealing plugs to ensure the system is watertight) so that if after buying an Urban RDWC system the user decides that they would like to upgrade the system by adding on an Urban Flexi-tank or Chiller or maybe even more pots, this is all made possible giving the grower the ability to design their own grow.